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About Adivarampet

Adivarampet is a village located in the newly created state of Telangana, a branch off from the state of Andhra Pradesh. It has a gram panchayat known as the Seetaram Panchayat since it is a village which is the municipal body governing the civic services. The district is Karimnagar and tehsil or block is Kataram, which are ninety-five kilometers and five kilometers away from the village respectively. Interestingly it is a very small village with a meagre population of around eight hundred and twenty-six people only. There are about two hundred and twenty houses and the nearest town for daily needs is Ramagundam which is thirty kilometers away. The official language of the village is Telugu and people there also speak Urdu and English.

District Collector & Magistrate

Commissioner of Police (CP), Karimnagar

Voter Information Toll Free - 1950
Child Help Line - 1098
Woman Help Line - 1091
Crime Stopper - 1090

Geography of Adivarampet

The small village of Adivarampet has a total area of one square kilometer, which along with the population makes it the fourth smallest village in the state. The code of this village is 578461 and the pin code is 505212. The branch office for the postal delivery is situated in Karimnagar and it uses this postal code to sort the post for Adivarampet. The latitude is 18.437068 and longitude is 79.126411. Due to its location, the transport links are also not that bad and easily accessible in a few hours. The few major towns are also nearby and hence this village is convenient for the people who stay there.
Andhra Pradesh was recently divided into two states, with the new entity being called Telangana. As a result, cities, towns and villages had a change in location with respect to the state they belonged. Adivarampet is one such village which was earlier a part of Andhra Pradesh but after the division is now a part of Telangana state. The geography might not have changed much but what were the nearest towns and cities earlier are not any more as they fall under Andhra Pradesh. Hence what has changed is the nearest town to this village but the convenience is the same.

Tourism of Adivarampet

Even though Adivarampet is such a small village and so sparsely populated, surprisingly and interestingly there are some places that tourists must see. Travelers who are on the lookout for a village feel with serenity and quietness, this village should be considered to visit. With not so many people living there, you escape the hustle and bustle of cities and towns and can walk peacefully without the risk of being bumped into. The village mostly has temples and they are worth visiting such as the Sri Rajarajeswari Swamy Temple, Sri Anjaneya Swamy Temple, and so on. The other places to go sightseeing are the Ujjwala Park, Elangdal Fort, Shivaram Wildlife Sanctuary, the northern thermal power company and the Kalyanam shopping mall in Karimnagar. Even though a village it has many places to see and will definitely keep you occupied and busy.

Shopping in Adivarampet

The village has some local shops where basic and daily needs can be purchased but it is a possibility that these shops might not have all the stock. Since the population is so less shop owners also feel it pointless to hoard and stock goods as if they do not sell they will expire and go waste. For bulk purchases people travel to the nearest town and purchase whatever household goods and personal goods they may need. The shopping mall in Karimnagar is almost like a saving grace where people can go and buy all sorts of clothes, footwear, accessories and so on. It may not be possible to go everyday and probably people try to go once a month to stock their home with food and the mall as and when they need things.

Hospitals in Adivarampet

Luckily Adivarampet has access to a number of hospitals and nursing home, medical service is possible and good. People do not need to travel too far to get medical attention especially in case of emergencies. Some of the hospitals with address and phone numbers are listed below: -

Sai Hospital

This is a distance of around four kilometers from the village.
Garepalli, Telangana 505503
Phone: 09704502715

Sri Rajarajeswari Medicals
This hospitals is also at a distance of little less than 4 kilometers.
Manthani Road, Kataram, Telangana
Phone: 09441772780

Utility Services in Adivarampet

In the main village of Adivarampet one may not find essential utilizes such as banks and post offices but within a distance of five to ten kilometers these services are available. Since the transport link is fair, it is not difficult to travel the distance and get your work done. Commercial bank and cooperative bank have their branches within a few miles of the village and there is also the ATM facility ten kilometers from the village. 

Kataram, Garepalli, Telangana 505503

Courier Service

Blue Dart Express Limited: - c/o Keerthi Services; 5-6-54 Main road opp NTPC
Phone Number: 08728274988, 08886388555, 08886499444

Emergency Services in Adivarampet

Utilities, which we would find easily in cities, would not be easily found in Adivarampet but at a distance of few kilometers a lot of services become available and hence if anyone wants to hire banquet halls they would need to travel to the closest towns. The police station and fire services closest to this village are in Karimnagar.

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